Sunday 31 January 2016

Horoscope of Bernie Sanders

Horoscope of Bernie Sanders

Date of birth                   08/09/1941
Time                                12:27 pm
Place                                Brooklyn Heights, New York
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Current Transit of Jupiter

Jupiter         02/09/2013-21/10/2015
Saturn          21/10/2015-04/05/2018
Mercury       04/05/2018-09/08/2020
Ketu              09/08/2020-15/07/2021
Venus           15/07/2021-15/03/2024
Sun               15/03/2024-02/01/2025
Moon           02/01/2025-04/05/2026
Mars             04/05/2026-10/04/2027
Rahu            10/04/2027-02/09/2029

Saturn Dhaiya Started from 21/10/2015 and will continue till 04/05/2018 which makes a very good chance of Bernie Sander but combination is with Jupiter and both of the planets are placed in 7 house which is ruled by Venus and Venus and Jupiter are enemy planets so the chances to win are less, So in my opinion its will be a tough fight but Hillary Clinton have a greater chance to get elected as a Democratic President Candidate.
Disclaimer - This reading is based on astrology calculation and nothing personal and no responsibility lies on the prediction made.

Manchanda Karan

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