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G20 meet in Germany, the whole world is keeping an eye on all the leaders & everyone is focusing on North Korea and Peace.

The World is witnessing the G20 meet and everyone is worried about the growing tensions with North Korea. Moreover what the World Leaders are thinking and what will be their next step?

I am trying to correlate everything with the help of numerology & comparing them with destiny number / radical number vs. the year 2017 / 2018.
Destiny number / radical number vs. The year 2017 / 2018.

World Leaders
Date of Birth
Destiny Number / Lord  
Radical Number / Lord
Year 2017 = 1 & 2018=2
Lord =Sun & Moon.
Vladimir Putin
0 7 Oct 1952
Number 07  /  Ketu 
Number 07 / Ketu
Both are enemies with Sun & Moon.
Donald Trump
1 4 Jun 1946
Number 04  /  Rahu
Number 05 / Mercury
Rahu is enemy with Sun & Moon, Mercury is friend with both.
Xi Jinping                    
1 5 Jun 1953
Number 03  /  Jupiter
Number 06 / Venus
Venus is enemy with both Sun & Moon and Jupiter is friend with both of them.
Angela Merkel           
1 7 Jul  1954
Number 07  /  Ketu
Number 08 / Saturn
Both are enemies with Sun & Moon.
Kim Jong-un
0 8 Jan 1984
Number 04 /   Rahu
Number 08 / Saturn
Both are enemies with Sun & Moon.

Every leader try & fight for the well being of their country as their main focus is to make sure that they grow well in the world at a faster pace.  The World is eyeing on the G20 meet and what can come out of it, especially after increasing tensions with “North Korea”.

As in the table, it is clearly mentioned that 2017 means “Number 01” who’s Lord is SUN and 2018 means “Number 02” whose lord is Moon and as this article is focused on the outcome in the near future and rising tension with North Korea. This is a big threat for the entire world; let’s analyze the things at a glance with the key focus on numerology for different leaders.
Trump & Putin number compatibility?

Both of them are world famous leaders and their small decision can impact masses so their friendship or enmity needs to be analyze and give them an extreme priority.  Rahu and Ketu which can be also named as North Node & South Node of the Moon are considered to be friendly with each other where both dominate The Moon. This relationship works very well because North Node (Rahu) & South Node (Ketu) which are considered to be head and the entire body working together to destroy their enemies whoever comes their way, no doubt they have different characteristic and thinking style but when it comes to decisions they made that happen at any cost. If we further analyze number 05 with number 07 being Mercury and Ketu (South Node) they are considered as bringing peace, coordination and balance. So, if both these leaders join hands then they will be able to protect the world and will bring harmony among masses.

What Angela Merkel numbers speak out with other leaders?
World strongest women and prominent face of Germany Angela Merkel plays a key role in the world and a prominent face of Europe having a destiny Lord Ketu & radical lord Saturn where both of them are enemies of the current year Lord which are dominated by the SUN and next year Lord it will be The Moon. It is a big possibility that she will not be able to take proper decisions or will face several difficulties and a trend of unpopularity will become a problem for her. 

Kim Jong-un the man of the moment.
I am still trying to analyze the horoscope and will upload once I will get the surety of time of birth. Here I tried to analyze the numbers where again Kim Jong-un is dominated by Rahu (North Node) and Saturn which are enemies with the SUN and the Moon. On 26 Jan 2017, Saturn changed the sign and because of this particular change Kim Jong became more aggressive in his approach and will create more problems in coming future especially until the end of 2018 and there are chances that he will dominate in the best possible way he can with full command.

Xi Jinping 

China “love them or hate them but you cannot ignore them” is considered as one the strongest face of the world and dominated power in the world. Xi Jinping being dominated by Venus and Jupiter in this year and next year, which is dominated by the Sun and the Moon he will going to play a role of a mediator and can play in the defensive mood. Sometimes it will give a feeling that they want to do it and sometimes it will be they don’t want to do it at all. Xi Jinping will Jupiter (destiny number) being friendly with the Sun and the Moon will prove to very beneficial for China itself and they are going get the maximum benefits from this comparison.  

According to the above combinations, the time period till the end of 2018 will be more disturbing and in this due course, there will be several decisions which can impact me, you or everyone in a bigger way.  Even next year being dominated with the Moon and Rahu (North Node) & Ketu (South Node)  who are considered as the evil planets will be going to dominate the next year with additional clubbing with Saturn  (planet known for rewarding / punishment based on Karma) will act as a Judge and pay according to the Karma.  

Disclaimer: There is always a big risk to predict celebrity horoscope as information are always referred from internet and there is no surety about accuracy and numerology is treated as a small base of astrology as in Astrology there are easier chances to predict as one do minute calculations based on planets. If you are looking for horoscope analysis then you can contact me as always.

Warm Regards 
Manchanda Karan
+91-8375006612 / 8595171695   

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