Saturday 15 October 2016

Synastry or Compatibility

Synastry or Compatibility

Synastry or Compatibility solves the very important problem in our life and that is:-




"Everything depends on synastry or compatibility. Whether it is marriage or a business. If compatibility would be there in each concern relation it will be a sure shot success.
So a right person is waiting for you and you just need to find out".

Life is very uncertain. We meet many different people but we are never sure who is good for us and who is not.

A marriage derived from love is not a sin but longevity in a marriage is very important as it impacts our entire life. If we are doing business or any other profession, we need to understand what is best for us.

Key points to judge in a horoscope are synastry and compatibility as both can help to achieve success.

1) Varan-For work and best result case is 1                                                                            point out of 1 point.
2) Vaishya-For personal relationship and the                                best result case is 2 points of points.
3) Tara-For destiny and best result case is 
   points out of 3 points.
4) Yoni-For mental compatibility and best
   result case is 4 points out of points.  
5) Griha-For nature and best result case is 
   points out of 5 points.
6) Gan-For social responsibility and best  
   result case is 6 points out of 6 points.
7) Bhakoot-For life and best result case is 
   points out of 7 points.
8) Nadi- For physical compatibility  
   and longevity and best result case is 8  
   points out of 8 points. 

So, to live happily, choose the best outcome through astrology. It's true that when we fall into love or attempt a partnership or business or any other activity, we cannot always check the best match but we can do remedies to bring smoothness into our life.

DISCLAIMER -Every reading is based on calculation and the astrologer is only a person and not a God so no responsibility lies with the astrologer.

Please include your date & time of birth including the location in your initial email to me. Fees are contingent on your requirements and will be divulged at our preliminary meeting via email.

Manchanda Karan

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