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Short Vedic Astrology Analysis for Mrs. Clinton

       Hillary Clinton short Analysis through Vedic Astrology

 Date of Birth        -      26/Oct/1947, Time                     -       20:02  Place                     -       Chicago  Illinois

(Internet source) 

Avakhada Chakra

Lagan LordMercury
Sign LordJupiter
Nakshatra LordSaturn
Name AlphabetDOO

Ghat Chakra

Tithi5- 10- 15

Lucky Day, Stone

Lucky DayWednesday
Lucky No.11
Lucky ColorBlue
Lucky StoneBlue Sapphire
Metal For StoneIron
Finger For StoneMiddle Finger

Planet's Position at Birth Time
PlanetSignDegreeLordNakshatraPadLordS. LordPosition
AscGemini07 09 02MerArdra1RahRah
SunLibra09 41 35VenSwati1RahJupDeb 
MonPisces06 04 55JupU.Bhadrapada1SatMer
MarCancer21 08 59MonAshlesha2MerVenDeb 
Mer(R)Libra28 11 59VenVishakha3JupVen
JupScorpio07 30 13MarAnuradha2SatKet
VenLibra23 44 40VenVishakha2JupSat
SatCancer28 13 37MonAshlesha4MerSat
Rah(R)Taurus00 25 10VenKrittika2SunRah
Ket(R)Scorpio00 25 10MarVishakha4JupMon
Ura(R)Gemini02 47 48MerMrigasira3MarVen
NepVirgo18 15 19MerHasta3MonMer
PluCancer21 44 02MonAshlesha2MerSun

Moon Transit (Current Transit)


Conclusion :-

Master of the 2nd house Moon in the 10th house indicates that you are a person of high morals and will be respected and honoured in government and society.You will be very fortunate and you will get the strength of wealth from the house of your father. Moon in Pisces which belongs to Jupiter and current transit of Jupiter in Moon from 27/10/2015 - 25/02/2017 which is a very good period and Moon is very favourable this is a period to expand things there will be a lot of good contacts. A job promotion is there which means Mrs Clinton haves a very good chance to win the Elections.Sun in Libra is debilitated which makes a Rare Raj Yoga of NEECHA BHAANG RAJ YOG.Mars in Cancer is also Debilitated which again makes NEECHA BHAANG RAJ YOG with Saturn which is very good. Neecha Bhaang Yoga is very good in which a person fight bact from a very hopeless position to become successful and get fame in the society easily and gets recognizant and respect from society. And Madam Clinton will come out from hassles easily.  
On a whole Mrs Clinton haves a great chance to win in the elections or going to give tough fight. 
I am going to analyse the other horoscope soon.


Karan Manchanda 

email -
Mob-  +91-8375006612

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