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Hi, I am a professional astrologer from India doing Vedic astrology. Many people don't know what Vedic Astrology is and how it works. Most people in India are aware of it and know of its success but most people in Western countries are unaware how Vedic Astrology works from the Eastern perspective. One way of seeing it would be: "We are ruled by planets and planets are ruled by God. God is supreme but planets play a large role in constructing and destructing our life, so it is important to know which planets in our individual chart creates challenges or creates harmony. Good and Bad things will happen in our life as it is our destiny. The effect of our state of being or alignment/misalignment with a planet that is in our chart is to be considered. With our understanding, the misaligned effects can become mild or even shift. Praying, Meditation, Mantra and wearing gemstones can add to these effects to bring a change in our life". One thing here I want to teach is some of the reasons why most marriages fail in Western Countries. The answer is very simple. No one checks Horoscope Compatibility which is a very important part of a marriage. To be well checked before the marriage can help to understand if the marriage is meant to take place. Otherwise, it is not suggested. If it is a love marriage then remedies are suggested, which was already explained in my previous post.

Conclusion- The amount paid by you to me will be very useful when you will see the results of the Vedic Astrology, in which you will get predictions on your health, finance, marriage etc, and if there are any misaligned energies in your horoscope charts which will be changed by my efforts and grace of God into benefits.

You may pay my consultation charges of USD 150 through PayPal the first 50 person will get a discount of USD 25, so hurry,  don't wait.




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Royal Baby "Boy or Girl"?

Royal Baby "Boy or Girl"?

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is all set to give birth to her third child! Much has been in the news about the anticipated arrival of the royal couple's third child regarding her gender and birth timing. We know from Kate Middleton's prior pregnancies that she suffered from hyperemesis. Word over the internet says that she is suffering it from yet again. After checking her chart I came out from the following observations: Date of Birth: 09 Jan 1982 Time of Birth:19.00 Hrs Place of Birth: Berkshire, UK
1)The conception of baby happened during the transit of Saturn which was in Scorpio sign ruled by Mars and in the retrograde state.
2)This conception of the baby happened on 21st July 2017 or onwards.
3)As per the movements among the 1st house, 5th house, 7th house, 9th house offer a hint for possible dates of conception and they are as follow:

“21st …

Donald Trump's Inauguration as 45th President of the USA

Donald Trump's Inauguration as 45th President of the USA

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Mr Trump & his family for their triumph!
Secondly, I would like to congratulate America on your New President.
Americans have spoken through their votes and they have shown they want definite and positive change.
It’s been a great pleasure predicting the United States Elections and President Trump victory on 21 May 2016.On 22 Feb 2016 when I first published President horoscope, I came to a conclusion that the strength of planetary position in his horoscope speaks about his dedication to being President and he will achieve that and will surprise his critics and on 21.May.2016, I made my mind as got 100% confirmation about his winning and we know what happened on 08 Nov 2016  here are my links below:- President Trump victory analysis on 21 May 2016:-
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From 26th Jan 2017, Saturn is changing the sign and moving towards Sagittarius from Scorpio. Sagittarius is a sign which is governed by Jupiter.Saturn plays a vital role in everyone's life.  As Saturn is a planet which judges our Karma and then determined accordingly & here the maxims come "We sow what we reap". 

Saturn is entering in Sagittarius from Scorpio and its journey of this transition will be:- 
1)Aries ♈- The Saturn transit is in 9th house from the  Moon which will impact on individual's  fortunate, prosperity and the religion of the native.  
2) Taurus ♉- The transit of Saturn is in the 8th house from the  Moon which will impact on the health.
3) Gemini ♊ - The transit of Saturn is in the 7th house from the Moon which will impact on marital relationships and partnership deals.
4) Cancer ♋ - The transit of Saturn is in the 6th house from the  Moon which will impact on adversaries and competition.  
5) Leo ♌ - The transit of Saturn is in the 5th  house from …